Its allright to feel inhuman.



Hello, Im Nate.  I recently graduated from the photography school at R.I.T.  I now live in Brooklyn New York living the freelance life.

Anyway, I am creating this blog as a way to share my inspiration, ideas or anything I come across in my adventure of a life.  I hope to inspire others and get as much input and help finding those gems that are out there somewhere.

Nate Mumford



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Hey Nate!
I love that you are starting a Blog- I have felt the desire to but have been putting it off since the summer lol- you know how that goes..
Anyways- I like your site a lot- and am very impressed by your photographs- I also really like the “Personal” section pics- what were you shooting with? Like the distortion and vignetting-

Anyways- hope life in the big apple is great.
keep it real, mang.

<3 m

Comment by molly m.

Hey Nate,
I dunno if you remember me, I used to work for you at sportzone. Anyways I’ve been following your blog for a while now, that coldplay video was pretty cool! hope you’re enjoying new york city.


Comment by Rob Weber

I love your site. Keep it up !

Comment by knowledgetoday

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